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6'' borehole pump

6SR18 series

6SR Deep Well Submersible Pump

DONGYIN Pump provide a wide range of deep well submersible pumps from 2'' to 10'' which are designed for tranfering water from wells, ponds, lakes and cisterns. 

6SR series are suitable for wells over φ150mm

6SR deep well submersible pump is used to pump water from drilled deep wells, borehole wells, ponds, and lakes. Ideal for pressure boosters, firefighting systems, elevated and cistern tanks filling, water fountains, industrial and farming water supply, and agricultural irrigation.


Maximum fluid temperature up to +35℃

Maximum sand content:0.25%

Minimum well diameter:6"

Rewindable motor

Single-phase:220-240V/50Hz Three-phase:380-415V/50Hz

①Direct start (1 cable)

②Star-delta start (2 cables)

Equip with start control box or digital auto-control box

NEMA dimension standards

Curve tolerance according to ISO 9906


Pump external casingAlSI304 SS
Delivery casingCast-iron ASTM N0.30
Suction lanternCast-iron ASTM N0.30
DifuserPlastic.PC & AISI 304 SS
ShaftAISI 304 SS
Shaft couplingAlSI304 SS
Wear ringAlSI 304 SS

Motor extemal casingAISI 304 SS
Top chockCast-iron ASTM N0.30
Bottom supportCast-iron ASTM N0.30
SealNBR Graphite-SIC/TC
ShaftAISI 304 SS-ASTM5140


Other voltages or frequency 60Hz


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